AV8-Hire’s Hire by the Hour

AV8-Hire’s Hire
by the Hour

In the first quarter of 2023, Flying Fox Aviation partnered with AV8-Hire Ltd. This enables us to offer personalised hour-building packages for budding commercial pilots.

AV8-Hire Ltd was formed from a belief that hiring general aviation aircraft should be simplified. At the core of our business are those who choose to hire from us. Our approach not only means that you'll find the hiring process simple and intuitive or welcome our friendly and helpful service, but it's the reassurance that the aircraft we broker are safe and thoroughly maintained to exacting industry standards.

Formed initially to provide excellent value hour-building packages to those soon to begin their commercial flight training, we are here to help you get the most from your booking. We have a wealth of pilots, operating commercially and privately, that we work closely with to maintain a high professional standard of operation. Your experience will start with a great selection of aircraft, optional extras, and a friendly support team like no other.

Throughout your personalised booking with AV8-Hire, you can elect for us to be as hands-off or as hands-on as you desire. Our services can include Route Packages and planning support to a commercial standard or on successful completion of a checkout flight you can elect to take the keys from us and fly to your heart's content.

We aim to make the core process as easy as hiring a car. Your aircraft, your airfield, your hour-building journey.To Hire by the Hour contact us for more information or navigate to the hire section to book now.

How long is my rental period?

Flying with us is designed to be intense! Use the slider below to learn more about how long your booking period will be and whether the number of hours you've chosen is realistic, compared with the time you have available to hour build.

Hours Required
Hours Per Week
1 Week
Maximum Hire Period

Your Aircraft, Your Airfield, Your Journey

If you’re looking to build flight hours to help you achieve your commercial pilot’s licence, AV8-Hire Ltd.’s light aircraft hire is both convenient and competitively priced.

Not only do we have a range of light aircraft for hire, but unlike other providers, we make building flight hours easy with our exclusive standards of service. See below the Pilot Support team that is included with all packages, where we encourage our hirers to fly as far afield as they can gaining the maximum experience in the time, they have with us. Pilots should leave us with a logbook furnished with a variety of types, an assortment of destinations (be it regions or even countries), and a mixed bag of airfields visited along the way. All of our aircraft are fully maintained and insured, and we promise that your plane will be exclusively for your own use for the duration of your hire period. For a small additional fee, we’ll even transport your plane to and from an airfield of your choice if required, just let us know during the booking process.

Take a look at our light aircraft hire options below, book your rental here and enjoy the opportunity to build flight hours to help you further your aviation experience and career.

G-FBRN | Piper PA-28-181 (Archer II)

The aeroplane is a four-place, low wing, single-engine airplane equipped with fixed tricycle landing gear, having a steerable nose wheel and two main wheels. The basic airframe, except for a...

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G-RVND | Piper PA-38-112 (Tomahawk)


When the original Piper Aircraft Corporation first conceived a new trainer in the mid-1970s, the company polled CFIs to determine what traits this aeroplane should have. The...

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G-TMHK | Piper PA-38-112 (Tomahawk)

When the original Piper Aircraft Corporation first conceived a new trainer in the mid-1970s, the company polled CFIs to determine what traits this aeroplane should have. The Tomahawk delivers...

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G-CHER | Piper PA-38-112 (Tomahawk)


When the original Piper Aircraft Corporation first conceived a new trainer in the mid-1970s, the company polled CFIs to determine what traits this aeroplane should have. The...

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G-BPHI | Piper PA-38-112 (Tomahawk)


When the original Piper Aircraft Corporation first conceived a new trainer in the mid-1970s, the company polled CFIs to determine what traits this aeroplane should have. The...

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How it works


When booking with us, you’re not just getting a great deal on aircraft hire. Your package will include a support team as standard. You will have a group of three people. The first member of your team will be an Engineer that works with our Partnered Maintenance Organisation, Fox Aircraft Engineering. They will be on hand to help with any technical questions you may have regarding the aircraft during your time with us. The Second member will be a Commercial Pilot that is at your disposal to answer any flying-related questions should it be route planning, GAR/Flight Plan help, Controlled Airspace / Danger Area Navigation, professional flying techniques or help with the procedures of another country. The third and final member of your team will be an employee of AV8-Hire and they’ll be available for any operational questions any queries. Once you commence your booking, we will create a group chat for you and your team so that someone can contact you to discuss your plans and will be on hand with responses to any questions and advice within 24hrs. We also offer an intermediate and advanced level of pilot support. In addition to the available route packages, we offer these upgraded support teams will engage in dedicated one on one planning sessions and even organising trips whereby someone will tag along with you to help you on the way. Please contact us for further details.

aircraft engineering

All of our aircraft continue to be meticulously maintained by our dedicated maintenance partners, Fox Aircraft Engineering. Our aircraft require a scheduled maintenance inspection every 50 hours, and these are carried out in accordance with the most up to date UK CAA regulations. For these scheduled inspections to take place, you may need to plan to return the aircraft to us at Bagby Airfield during your booking as and when the inspections are required. Fox Aircraft Engineering will aim to complete scheduled maintenance inspection the same day; however, we cannot always guarantee this, so please prepare for every eventuality.

Fly more,
pay less

We recognise that you are making a significant investment when it comes to hiring from us and that's why when you book packages greater than 25, 50, 75 and 100 hours, we'll discount your hourly rate accordingly. Putting it simply, the more you fly, the more cost-effective your hour building becomes. Hire now and discover how much your ideal package will be.

Created by pilots,
for pilots

AV8-Hire started as a solution to the flaw in modular training. The fact that hour building at a dedicated flying school is not only expensive, but it is restricted in your hire, availability, durations, and destinations. That is why at the heart of our organisation, you'll find pilots just like you. Everyone in the team either has or is training for their pilot's licence, so you'll be safe in the knowledge that we're with you on this journey and understand the commitment you're making. From the moment you reach out to us, to long after your booking has been completed, we'll be there to help, guide and support you during what is an exciting time for any future commercial pilot. You'll also have a direct line to those who can help, and we'll regularly check in with you to see how you're getting on.

We won’t hide behind emails or text messages our company is an approachable team of experts that are by the phone whenever you wish to call them. Talk to one of our Pilots now to learn more.

Your Aircraft’s
Base of Operation

Simplicity is key here, you don’t want to be driving half the length of the country to come and fly for the little time you have left before the airfield closes. You want the aircraft at your local airfield so that when the weather is right you can swing by after work and take to the skies whilst the sun is setting.

We have a lot of experience in the General Aviation Industry and we have a lot of friends not limited to the UK. We have friends in countries such as Ireland that can inspire a mini adventure in a forging land giving yourself some new locations to tour. In addition to the airfield, you’re basing at you may wish to have additional sub-bases that you will visit for parts of our booking. For the times based at these remote locations, we can help you reach out to local accommodations so that you’ve sufficient time to explore and you’re not having to make the trip there and back in one day. We have a list of known prices of the fees for basing at certain airfields. However, this is not the limiting factor on where you should choose from. We can guide you along the way of striking a deal with your local airfield for an easy solution to parking your plane.